Our list of most frequently asked questions. For more information about Elettro Social Platform and support, please contact us.

What is Elettro Social Platform?

“ESP” is an easy to use team-based promotion management platform that makes digital promotions in today's digital world easier to plan, administer and execute. Our platform is constantly expanding our features and integration with social networks and leading social data analytics.

What is the spirit of the Elettro Social Platform brand?

We empower non-technical marketing staff with flexible planning and execution tools that helps guide you through setting up promotions quick and painlessly from start to finish. We are also leading the social data collecting and analysis firm helping brands learn about their audience. To help brands figure out who their audience is, what they want to hear most from you and where they hang out!

How much does a Promotion cost?

Prices range due to the type of promotion and complexity of the elements you select within a promotion help determine the cost. Also, the amount of concurrent promotions, the amount of admins, the level of customization of the artwork. This is handled currently offline directly with Elettro Incorporated staff on a project by project basis.

Do non-profits obtain special discount pricing?

Yes, especially the brands that are proactive and willing to work the contest deep into their promotional attack. Then, yes.

What 3rd party Social networks and services is Elettro Social Platform integrating with currently?

Facebook, Twitter, Pintio, Pinterest, and Fanbump.

I have a technical problem or support issue who do I contact?

The quickest way to get in touch with us is to visit our Contact Us page.

Are APIs available?

Yes, please Contact Us directly to hear more about what we is available today.